Mattresses and Asthma Drugs

by John D.

You know that pink material that looks like cotton candy in your walls? What if I told you that the substance in your mattress might be the same? The use of fiberglass in mattresses has generated a lot of controversy and discussion regarding its efficacy and general safety in recent years. Fortunately for you, we are available to address any queries you may have regarding the usage of fiberglass in mattresses.

So What Exactly is Fiberglass?

The two components that make up fiberglass are glass and reinforced plastic. This substance is typically found in mattress covers and memory foam mattresses. As a result of this material's well-known malleability and durability, manufacturers may easily deal with it. It's also incredibly simple to mass make at low cost. Although fiberglass has many applications, wall insulation is arguably where it is most well recognized.

Without a specialist, it may be impossible to remove the fiberglass once it has been released. However, some specialists can help with cleaning the mattress and removing traces of fiberglass left.

It can therefore infiltrate every crevice of your house and even make its way into the HVAC system. The sticker should specifically state that the cover should never be removed if your mattress or its cover includes fibreglass because doing so releases the fibres into the air. You'll miss those warnings, which is one reason why it's not a good idea to remove your mattress tag. Even though the mattress cover includes a zipper that may be pulled out, it is advised that you leave it on. Purchasing a mattress protector can increase the protection and cleanliness of your bed.

Thus fiberglass can cause serious health issues if it gets released into your household and gets into your respiratory system.

What Should I Do If I Get An Allergic Reaction From Mattress Fiberglass?

You should consider visiting a doctor right away. Always seek professional medical help right away. Your doctor will probably prescribe you a set of anti-asthma or anti-allergy medications and recommend that you see professional help with getting rid of the fiberglass particles in your house.

Fiberglass can cause issues with your sleep health, so it's critical that if you have any signs of fiberglass allergies that you consult a medical professional.

How To Prevent That From Happening

Having a healthy sleep lifestyle is important for your body. Without proper sleeping habits and relaxing bedtime routines, your body is constantly prone to higher risks of sleep health issues. Rethinking your bedding is a great place to start.

You should check if your bed; including your mattress, sheets, and pillow enhance your sleeping experience or actually worsen it.

Most people skimp on their mattresses, causing low quality sleep due to bad spinal alignment, improper firmness, and subpar mattress construction materials. That's why it's important to look out for good options of luxury mattresses that will alleviate your sleeping experience.

You should always consider investing in a high quality mattress or get an air mattress alternative that doesn't use fiberglass materials, but rather uses high quality natural hypoallergenic alternatives like the four seasons mattress. In all cases, you should always avoid getting a cheap mattress like the ikea sultan mattress.

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